Monday, December 26, 2011

Fast Gun (1987)

Army armories are getting robbed by guys in a ski masks. No one really knows what the hell is going on. It turns out that it's a inside job, one of the officers is involved in the robberies. As the story unfold, it turns out that more and more high ranking people are involved.

Small town sheriff Jack Steiger (Rick Hill) get accidentally involved in all of this and he pretty soon discovers that the town's well-doer is also playing a major role in this.. He starts to investigate the matters.

Action wise not the most action packed Santiago movie. Lots of fist fights, but basically we have to wait for the final to see Santiago trademark explosion-gun-fight stuff.  The final is a good one, the whole town is blow up to pieces, Rick Hill "accidentally" loses his shirt and starts killing bad guys with his M60. Good stuff. And yeah, almost forgot,  sheriff Steiger can shoot down a helicopter or a big airplane with nine millimeter handgun.

Like i said, lacking non stop action but story is ok and it makes up for the missing action. And well, it's a Santiago movie so of course you want to see it!


Ty said...

Good write-up! Will definitely check this out. Looks like silly fun!

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

Thanks. Ending was really cool. Good late '80s Santiago actioner.

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