Monday, December 19, 2011

Le Mataf (1973) / La Traque (1975)

Le Mataf (1973)

French heist movie. Lots of twists and turns, basically story about 3 heist men who forced to do a job that goes awry and how they are going deal with the outcome. I liked the long continues shots that are so rare in today's fast paced music-video-style-editing. Adolfo Celi (the Spectre bad dude in James Bond film Thunderball) makes also a good role as the catalyst behind the heist. Directed by Serge Leroy. Recommended.

La Traque (1975)

Young English woman (Mimsy Farmer) is looking for a place to rent in a French country side. She happens to tumble upon a guys from a local hunting party. One of the men rape her and they leave her in the woods. Soon the men notice that they have left one of their guns where they rape the woman.When the rapist goes back for the gun, woman shoots him. Now the hunting party is after her as they try to convince her to just forget the the whole thing ever happening.

Damn, every Serge Leroy movie seems to have James Bond arch enemy in them. In this movie one of the guys in the hunting party is played by Michael Lonsdale (from the James Bond adventure Moonraker). Lots of good actors: Farmer, Lonsdale, Michel Constantin( who played the lead role in Le Mataf), Jean-Luc Bideau. Plot is not so original but it's very well executed and the ending differs from a typical rape-revenge movie. Recommended.


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