Monday, January 16, 2012

Hell Night (1981)

Four college pledges, 2 girls and 2 boys, have to spend a night in an old empty mansion so that they are approved in the fraternities and sororities. Older members are playing pranks on them: loud screams from the hidden speakers, ghosts moving in the hallways etc. But there is strange killer on the loose who starts to kill off older members one by one and after that he is after the four pledges. Can they get out of the mansion before it's too late!!!

Actually this movie feels more like an old gothic horror movie than a slasher. The killer is a strange wolfman type character, not your typical student-gone-insane-from-the-childhood-trauma slasher movie killer. Linda Blair is not my favorite actor. Well, basically she can't act... and in this movie her performance is really halfhearted. Sometimes she looks like she is bored out of her mind.

All in all, pretty decent horror movie, but not my favorite slasher from the early '80s.

Directed by Tom DeSimone.


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