Friday, January 20, 2012

Prom Night (1980)

Four kids accidentally cause the death of their fellow comrade. Fast forward six years and now these kids are teenagers and they are getting ready for the prom night. Maniac starts to kill them one by one.

Heavily relying on the fame of Jamie Lee Curtis as the early '80s scream queen. Opening scene where the kids kill their friend is pretty well done, but after that (six year later) movie kind of drags on a little bit, nothing really happens. Maniac just makes a couple of phone calls to the victims-to-be. Leslie Nilsen plays the father of the child that was killed and Curtis plays her sister. Ending is pretty good, maniac doing "disco dance" with an axe.

Not the worst slasher for the early '80s, but certainly not the best. My least favourite slasher featuring Jamie Lee Curtis, i have to say. There was remake made in 2008, but what i have read for various reviews, it's total piece of sh*t.

Directed by Paul Lynch.


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