Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Superargo Against Diabolicus (1966), Superargo (L'invincibile Superman, 1968)

Superargo Against Diabolicus (1966)
Wrestler Superargo (Giovanni Cianfriglia) accidentally kills his opponent in the ring and he retires from the world of wrestling. But there is a job to do and the only one who can deliver is Superargo. So he is called in to stop a crazy bastard who is about to take over the world with his crazy schema.

Superargo (L'invincibile Superman, 1968)
Superargo (once again Giovanni Cianfriglia) got to stop madman who is turning top athletics into robots. And of course this madman's ultimate goal is to take over the world. This time Superargo has an Indian guru as his sidekick. So be prepared for some levitation action in this one...

Ok,what we have here is Superargo who is a caped crusader (yeah the cape and suit is bulletproof) doing jobs that normally are signed to James Bond. El Santo might be Superargos's distant cousin. At least they must have the same mask maker...

I think that these movies had decent budgets and they are really Bondesque in terms of crazed villains trying to take over the world, Superargo having all kinds of cool gadgets and the over all feel is more like a spy movie than your typical superhero movie.

I have to say that i really eyjoyed these films. Yes, they look ridiculous at this time and age but that is part of their charm. Well, i think it's hard not to like superhero running around in bulletproof spandex and saving the world!


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