Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hands Of Steel (1986)

Update 9.2.2012
New DVD release (Future Film, AWE) with great picture quality, sadly non-anomorphic. Here is couple of screenshots of the disc (click images for full size)

Original review, published 26.08.2010

In a near future... well, actually now it's the past. At least on the video cover it says "In 1997.."

Bionic killer cyborg Paco is programmed to kill scientist, but suddenly develops a conscience and lets the scientist live. He escapes the law and the people who programmed him to kill. Ends up in isolated bar arm wrestling truck drivers. Final showdown includes chick cyborg vs Paco (priceless!), helicopters and lazer guns.

Directed by Sergio Martino better known for his excellent giallos (Torso, The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh etc). Excellent '80 action film with cheesy dialog and hilarious computer stuff (~ 25 years is a long time in a computer world). John Saxon is the main villain. As always he delivers the goods.

Special kudos for soundtrack, pure '80 stuff and the dramatic score is really catchy. I couldn't find the composer, if somebody knows, please drop a line.


Armando H. said...

ahh 1997, good years. I was seven years old and Paco was fighting a female cyborg.

Naxo Fiol said...

Claudio Simonetti is the composer.
Good blog!.

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