Monday, January 30, 2012

American Commandos (1985)

Strange movie, basically two movies in one. First one is a revenge story and in second one group of American Vietnam-vets take out the Golden Triangle heroin ring.

ACT I: The Revenge
Vietnam-vet Dean Mitchell(Chris Mitchum) works at a gas station. One night group of thugs rob the place. Dean manages to kill one of the robbers. Remaining thugs invate Deans home while he is at work. When he gets back home he finds his son killed and his wife bound to bed and raped. When he unties his wife, she takes her own life with a razor in the bathroom. This send Dean over the edge and he hunts down the thugs one by one.

At this point i was pretty confused. Film had lasted only 30 minutes and Dean had already taken out all the thugs. Now what? And why in the hell is the movie called "American Commandos". Well, lets move on to the second act...

ACT II: The Golden Triangle
Dean is offered a job to take out the heroin smuggling ring, Golden Triangle. He acceps the job, of course 'cos he is a man who has nothing to lose. He gathers his old army buddies and off they go in  this cool bulletproof armour car to take out the heroin ring. And as a special suprise for the bad guys chasing them they got motorcycle with rocket lauchers. Action wise the second act is top notch, lots of gun fights, explosions, car chases. Full of really cool stuff. Law and Mitchum are really good in this movie, both of them are just fitted for these kind of roles. Hats off to them.

Franco Guerrero plays the bad guy of the movie. He is a sadistic drug lord who takes no shit from anybody. If he's workers try to escape from the drug plantation, they are executed, plain and simple.

Directed by late great Bobby A. Suarez and comes highly recommended for all the action movie junkies. Just don't let the first part fool you, act II is where the action is.

Release year in IMDB is 1986, but lots of other sources in the Internet claim its released in 1985.


Glen Davis said...

I've seen this movie. Not as good as Mitchum's Indonesian movies, or some of his 70s stuff.

Does anyone know where to find his movie Chinese Commandos?

Jack J said...

Sorry to say this, mate, but Chinese Commandos aka Chinese Daredevil Commandos was never finished!

Chris Mitchum talks about it in an interview on Andrew Leavolds blog. I realise it is listed on the bloody IMDb but that data base is as reliable as a wet piece of noodle for bungee jumping.

Roberto S. Suarez II said...
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Roberto S. Suarez II said...

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the wonderful review you made for this movie made by BAS. It makes me feel proud for what he has achieved. It also makes me even more prouder that he is my father and namesake. I believe that your review is reasonable considering the meager budget and the modest equipment he utilizes every time he made a movie. It is my humble opinion that you can understand that BAS can only accomplish so much due to reasons stated above. Modesty aside, despite having a low budget, this movie was able to get a North American theatrical release in 1986. Your review is one of the nicest that this movie received.
Another one of which is
Thank you and more power.

Roberto II

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