Monday, January 9, 2012

SFX Retaliator (1987)

Doris (Linda Blair) steals one million dollars from the mobster (Gordon Mitchell) . When mobster notices that the money is missing he sends his men after Doris. Just when they are about catch her, special effects guy Steve Baker (Chris Mitchum) just happens to come to rescue and Doris and Baker get away. Mobsters kidnap Bakers wife and tell him that they will exchance her for the money.

Most of the action happens on car chases and there is a lot of them. All most every time Baker gets behind the wheel some one is after him. But hey, he drives a cool special effects car: it got rockets, machine guns, smoke screen maker etc. And in the final scene he disquises it as a tank! Well how about that! All three main character gives ok performance, although sometimes Blair seems bit stiff.

Ok little actioner. Action sequences are pretty standard, nothing so over the top as for example in Arizal's movies. Directed by Jun Gallardo.


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