Friday, August 31, 2012

Robo Vampire (1988)

Classic? You damn betcha! Police officer is killed in the line of duty and what is left of him is turned into a android, half man half robot (Does this sound familiar?). He is send on a mission to rescue kidnapped secret agent and in the process bring down the drug cartel.

Directed by Godfrey Ho (as John Livingstone) and you know you are in for a treat. Ho touches on subjects that are too delicate for other directors to even think of touching. Like marriage between ghost and vampire in a gorilla suit, Robo officer fighting hopping vampires, just to name of few.

The cheer entertainment value of this movie is just beyond any scale. Cartboard robocop, hopping vampires, kung fu fight, gun fights, explosions... You just have to see this movie for yourself to truly appreciate it. But be warned, you will never ever watch Robocop again without thinking about Godfrey Ho and his classic "Robo Vampire".

Just check out this still image collage and tell me that this does not whet your appetite to see this movie. Doctor gives his diagnosis after Robo is shot with a bazooka, twice "I'm afraid he short circuited". I am speechless.


Anonymous said...

What a great movie. Definitely one of the best lame movie experiences I've had. Epic ending.

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