Monday, September 17, 2012

Executioner, Part II, The (1984)

Oh dear...I am a big fan of Chris Mitchum, but this one is really weak entry in his filmography. He's got cool mustache in this one though. What about Executioner Part 1? As fas as i can tell there is no part 1, they went straight to sequel...

Movie starts with a flashback from Vietnam, squad of American soldiers are under attack and suddenly we cut to the present day. Mitchum plays cop who is working on a case to catch a vigilante killer, The Executioner, who is killing the thugs and criminals. Prime suspect is his Vietnam buddy who saved his life. Real dilemma there, should he arrest him or not. His daughter is also hooked on drugs and she gets into a bad crowd to support her habit.

Low budget straight to video stuff. Plot is full of holes, sometimes the movie jumps from one scene to another kind of leaving you hanging just what happened. Action scenes are really weak. Althought Mitchum is the leading man his screentime is somewhat limited. Couple of years after Executioner Part II Mitchum went to Indonesia and filmed some of the best action movies, Final Score and Lethal Hunter, ever made with the mighty Arizal.

Directed by James Bryan, best known for "Don't go in the woods"


Jack J said...

The reason it's called "part 2" is because it's kinda the worst case of exploitation!! It was made as a sequel to THE EXTERMINATOR by people who didn't have the rights to make a sequel. I guess they thought people would forget the original film wasn't called "The Executioner" but THE EXTERMINATOR. Hahaha.

Of course, to confuse things even further a real sequel (THE EXTERMINATOR 2) was made the same year!

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

Now that you mention this Exterminator/Executioner thing i remember reading about it in some forum(?). Thanks for clearing that one out Jack.

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