Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trhauma (1980)

Yes, in case you are wondering the spelling is correct. Movie starts with a flashback from couple of decades back. Two young boys are playing together. One of them has one blind eye (tacky white contact lense) and is bit slow. Other one is clearly the boss and tells the disabled one that if the doesn’t climb on the tree he won’t be his friend anymore. Disabled boy falls from the tree and other one calls him stupid and runs away. Fast forward some odd years. A group of friends are spending a weekend on a summer cottage. The disabled boy is now all grown up (he still has the tacky contact lens...) and he start to kill the guests one by one. But someone else is behind all this. We get a clue about this when a figure from the shadows gives the disabled killer couple of packs of Lego-Duplo like building bricks...

Pretty enjoyable movie. Of course the mastermind behind the killings is pretty obvious from the start. Most of the killings are done off screen, so don’t expect any over the top slasher-o-rama. There are still couple of disturbing scenes, especially the one where the one-eyed-killer gets it on with his first victim, after he has killed her. There are couple of nighttime scenes that are filmed during daytime; broader shots in these are are shot during nighttime but the close-up are clearly shot during daytime.

All in all, a decent giallo. Directed by Gianni Martucci (Blazing Flowers).


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