Monday, June 20, 2011

Stabilizer, The (1986)

Drug smuggler Greg Rainmaker (Craig Gavin) has kidnapped professor Provost who have invented "narcotic detector". Peter Goldson (Peter O'Brian), who has just arrived to Indonesia, teams up with Captain Johnny(Harry Capri) and Sylvia Nash (Gillie Beanz) to find the professor. Goldson is also on a personal revenge mission: Rainmaker killed his fiancee brutally many moons ago.

Mr. Peter O'Brian's first collaboration with action maestro Arizal. The second one was the awesome, the brilliant, the magnificent (insert drum roll here) Double Crosser! O'Brian has also small role in Arizal's Lethal Hunter.

Arizal's trademark crazy motorcycle and car stunts are all here. One of the highlights of the movie is when O'Brian drives motorcycle inside this small warehouse, basically kicking the shit out of bad guys with motorcycle.

Peter O'Brian talked about making of this movie and specially in detail about the motorcycle/helicopter stunt he made in the end of the film in the interview he gave to "The Gentlemens Guide To Midnite Cinema" Interview can be found here. Awesome stuff, check it out!

I guess it's clear to everybody that this is an awesome actioner from the dream team Arizal/O'Brian. Both of these guys need more respect for their work.

Please, PLEASE! Somebody put this stuff out on proper DVD release.


Ty said...

Definitely agree! The Stabilizer rocks!

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